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Use of Emerging Technologies in the Classroom

One of the more interesting sessions from NECC that I attended was on Wednesday for the program Using Emerging Technologies to Create Collaborative Learning Environments. Here again, the emphasis was on Web 2.0 applications, and how they have eliminated the time and location constraints in teaching. The primary presenter, Dr. Leigh Zeitz, posted much of the information on his blog Dr.ZReflects . Scroll down to the second posting on the page for the details.
I particularly liked the application CoverItLive, which was used throughout the presentation. With the potential to be used as a student response system, this site allows up to 25 users to connect at the same time with a moderator having the ability to approve or disapprove users comments before being posted. Various applications can also be embedded into it.
Here are my notes from the session which include the program description from NECC. Using Emerging Technologies.doc

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