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A major concern throughout the country are the new frameworks that are being used for teacher evaluations in public schools.  In Connecticut, a group of educators(minus any classroom teachers) created a draft for Connecticut districts to either accept or edit to fit their specific group of teachers.  State library media organizations have been working on developing a framework specifically for library media specialists, since our job includes responsibilities that are different from the classroom teachers'. 


Yesterday, there was a forum for public comments on the No Child Left Behind waiver that Connecticut is presently pursuing.  One of the ways that the state would receive the waiver is to develop a comprehensive teacher evaluation tool.  I spoke on behalf of CASL requesting that the Connecticut State Department of Education work collaboratively with CASL to develop a evaluation framework specifically for library media specialists.  I emphasized the AASL Standards and how they aligned well with the Connecticut Common Core; in emphasizing the idea of collaborating with the state, I hope to open a door to representation in Hartford for Connecticut library media specialists.

Irene, who came with me, has linked New York's and Indiana's evaluation tools for library media specialists on this Ning.  We need to develop a Connecticut tool that would be a template for individual school  districts to embrace. 

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Comment by Irene Kwidzinski on February 10, 2012 at 1:02pm

The evaluation links are under the Resources tab sub-heading State and Regional Associations Resources & Initiatives.

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