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Is your library transforming lives?  In today's AASL webinar "How to Create Strategic Stories to Gain Support for Your Library" with Nancy Dowd, she talked about how to advocate with anecdotal evidence.  There are two more sessions.  Nancy is also the keynote speaker for NESLA'S 2011 Leadership Conference at SERESC in Bedford, NH on April 9th.


Advocacy is every day and the focus is learner-centered.  As the weather warms up it is a good time for spring cleaning aka reassessment.  What will you change to better adapt to learner's needs?  What will you keep because it works well?


Today's American Libraries Direct had some interesting highlights that can start the thinking process for your own program action steps.  Drexel University is embedding a Library Learning Terrace which reminds me of the Learning Commons concept.  Another great article is about the need for information literacy and spells out exactly what students need to know. Booklist shows how to use graphic novels in books clubs.  ACRL shares a winning video made by librarians.  YALSA is doing an online survey of members to determine its 3-5 year strategic plan.  The Greenwood Publishing Group Award for best book in library literature was given to The Tech Set for showing how print and links enable readers to interact with each other and with authors.  Library Journal just listed their 100 movers and shakers for 2011---role models for us all.  Celebrate Children's Book Week May 2-8 and of course April, School Library Month with the theme "Create Your Own Story."  The last article on modern bookcases might give someone with carpentry skills creative ideas.

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