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I finished Eli Pariser's book The Filter Bubble: What the Internet Is Hiding from You.  It gives much food-for-thought.  

Here are some of my notes from the book to give you an idea of the content:


" More and more, your computer monitor is a kind of one-way mirror, reflecting your own interests while algorithmic observers watch what you click." location 103


"While Gmail and Facebook may be helpful, free tools, they are also extremely effective and voracious extraction engines into which we pour the most intimate details of our lives." location 140


The "filter bubble--which fundamentally alters the way we encounter ideas and information...introduces three dynamics we've never dealt with before.  First, you're alone in it....Second, the filter bubble is invisible....finally, you don't choose to enter the bubble." location 181


This filtering changes your perception of the world.  " Left to their own devices, personalization filters serve up a kind of invisible autopropaganda, indoctrinating us with our own ideas, amplifying our desire for things that are familiar and leaving us oblivious to the dangers lurking in the dark territory of the unknown." location 236


"Your behavior is now a commodity, a tiny piece of a market that provides a platform for the personalization of the whole Internet....But behind the scenes, the Web is becoming increasingly integrated." location 614


Pariser also talks about the importance of developing "a basic level of algorithmic literacy.  Increasingly, citizens will have to pass judgment on programmed systems that affect our public and national life." location 2869


There was a law introduced in 1973 which would be great if it were enforced: Fair Information Practices. location 2992


He ends the book with "Protecting the early vision of radical connectedness and user control should be an urgent priority for all of us." location 3063


I've seen several articles in the New York Times on the filter bubble.  I've also listened to two interesting authors on BookTV: Micah Sifry, WikiLeaks and the Age of Transparency and Douglas Rushkoff Program or Be Programmed.


Watch the TED talk by Eli Pariser on the Filter Bubble under the video tab in this Ning and check out  Sifry and Rushkoff's BookTV discussion.  Another TED talk to watch is Damon Horowitz calling for " moral operating system."  They will give you much to think about and share with your students and staff.


BTW, Michelle Luhtala and Buffy Hamilton are promoting a Banned Sites Week celebration the week before Banned Books Week.  Check out their blogs to see what they have to say.


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