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Wow.  There are so many things going on and moving so quickly that it seems like a tsunami. This on top of the fact that everyone is approaching the end of the school year, the most hectic time of year, and needs time to refresh and regroup.  


There is no such thing as "relax" in the school library field!!!  School librarians can't let any grass grow under their feet.  That's true for any educator today.


Good program assessment and strategic planning is never more needed.  Focusing on the learner is increasingly important in order to remain relevant and valued.  Use the AASL Planning Guide to develop an action plan.  Refer to the new AASL Lesson Plan Database for ideas or to PR your own successes.


This morning, I read an article in my local paper, "No more paper, no more books." Brookfield freshman will receive an iPad in the fall that includes all of their textbooks, applications for graphing calculators, note taking and other programs.  They have also added a school librarian at the high school.  Fabulous.


At New Canaan High School they have a BYOD, "bring your own device" policy, a fantastic list of educational apps and use social media for learning, tech support, and research purposes. ( I hope you are learning from Michelle's webinars on the EdWeb"s Using Emerging Technology to Advance Your School Library Program community.  The next webinar is on Wed, May 11, 2011 at 4pm / ET:  Partnering with the Larger Community.)


Students want to be able to use their mobile devices for learning, more interactivity and collaboration, yet many schools are resistant or have obstacles in the way--filters and policies.   Sometimes school librarians are resistant.  Change, especially rapid change, is daunting.  Be a leader.  Be a change agent.  Make dust, don't eat it.


The 2010 Speak Up National Report calls it the 3 E's of Education: Enabled, Engaged, Empowered.


Where do you stand?  Where do you begin?!


Make the time to read and learn from leaders in our field.  Check out Buffy's blog on what she is reading to inspire her program.  We have some great leaders' blogs on the main page of the CASL Ning and more great links under the Resources tab.  Follow leaders on Twitter or Facebook.


Stay sharp.  Attend relevant conferences and workshops listed under the events tab on the CASL ning. Michelle is doing a workshop at the Taft School in Watertown.  ALA 2011 is in New Orleans and ISTE 2011 is in Philadelphia at the end of June; participate and learn virtually if you cannot attend in person.  The CECA/CASL joint conference "eNGAGE!  Teaching and Learning in a Digital Age" is in October; take advantage of the savings by going as a group or registering early.  


Practice self-advocacy.  Then, add needed doses of relaxation and time with loved ones to stay sane.


See you at ISTE.

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