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I just finished John Seely Brown's The Power of Pull and am re-energized.  The epilogue, "The Journey from Passion to Pull"  was fabulous and gelled all of his ideas for me.  So of course, I have to share.


Bottom line, we all have to share our passion for learning.  Isn't that why we chose education in the first place? If we are passionate about reading and learning, they will come.  We will "pull" them.


"Pull demands that we pull out of each of us an authentic presentation of who we are today so that we can more effectively work together to pull out of each of us our ultimate potential."


"Passion will help to orient us and give us the dispositions we need to fully harness the power of pull."  We need to cultivate our passion.  Develop a strong PLN, professional learning network.  Use Google Reader to pull ideas from leaders who align with our passions.  Participate.  


"People with passion tend to want to pursue uncharted paths in their quest to achieve new levels of performance."  Our students need to find their passion.


That passion needs some direction, a goal.  "The only way out of this stressful situation is to step back and reassess the very rationale for the firm."


Thank you AASL for giving us a Planning Guide tool so that we can develop a strategic plan or what Brown calls a "shaping strategy."  It will help us stay focused on our main objective, helping students find their passion, their full potential.  Brown asks, "Will we shape or be shaped?"


According to Brown, what qualities do you need to accomplish this?  First, hone your ability for success by focusing on three key elements: access, attract, achieve.  Second, create viable niches for differentiation and offer opportunities for growth.  Third, foster a learning disposition.


Will Richardson tells us to "be where they are."  (Will mentioned The Power of Pull at ISTE which made me want to read the book. Thanks, Will.)  Make your program AAA: accessible anytime, anywhere, anyplace.  Listen to your students and staff to create niches in your library that give personal opportunities for growth and creativity.  Foster a learning mindset and environment: the library as a virtual and real place for discovery and enlightenment.


Education today, a "push" culture, is under attack.  Perhaps some may agree that our very way of life is under attack.  "As stress mounts, relationships fray, and we become ever more protective of the diminishing resources we have."  Some have responded with a culture of fear and a lack of trust.  The result?    "Passive cogs in a deterministic machinery...slaves to a set of rigid and controlling organizational routines overseen by mandarins and bureaucrats."  Low morale.  Disengagement.  Loss of innovation and creativity.


"Positive incentives are central to the shaping strategies."


"Some of us will see the potential that resides latent in even the largest institutions and become motivated to connect with others in efforts to reorient these institutions around cultivating passion rather than suppressing it."


"Simply find one (mission) big enough to help mobilize a great number of people behind it." 


"Once you have a mission, you can't go back to having a job." (Agassi to Wired)


I think that our AASL standards and guidelines help us accomplish that mission: Learning4Life.  

4 standards.  4 strands.  4 step lesson plan. 4 powerful words that even a kindergartner can understand.




I am so proud to be a school librarian.  What an exciting opportunity we have before us!  Go forward boldly.  Enjoy and share your passion for reading and learning.  Let it go viral.


*"Soul Surfer" describes a talented surfer who surfs for the sheer pleasure of surfing.  Therefore, a "Soul Learner" is a talented learner who learns for the sheer pleasure of learning!!!  BTW, the movie Soul Surfer, based on a true story, is very uplifting.

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