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Where are you and your district on the timeline of acknowledging and embracing these trends?

  1. Cloud computing
  2. collaborative environments
  3. mobiles and apps
  4. tablet computing
  5. digital identity
  6. game-based learning
  7. learning analytics
  8. personal learning environments
  9. augmented reality
  10. natural user interfaces
  11. semantic applications
  12. tools for assessing 21st century learning skills

If these are trends that society is rapidly adopting, are we preparing students to be effective users of these technology tools in order to become successful lifelong learners and citizens?

In your strategic plan for the library program, are you striving to address the first 8 trends?  Are you personally using them so that you are fluent in their use and can be a role model to your students and staff?

The Horizon Report professes not to be a predictive tool, but rather highlight emerging technologies. The evidence of these technologies is already apparent. The smart use of these technologies in learning and education is still to be adopted in many schools.  Are you ready to be one of the leaders in your district?

We are not in the world of Ready Player One yet, but some of the ideas in that book are a distinct and fascinating possibility.



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