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eBooks and building a program that lasts

Will eBooks play an increasing role in your collection? How are you making your decisions about collection development these days? School Library Journal just had a virtual conference on eBooks. Sara Houghton-Jan, the librarian in black, has a great summary of the conference on her September 29th blogs that you definitely need to read, there is also a… Continue

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Are You Using Online Video?

I just watched a TED talk with Chris Anderson. He spoke about the worldwide phenomenon of Crowd Accelerated Innovation, "a self-fueling cycle of learning that could be as significant as the invention of print." In the talk, he said that CISCO has predicted that in 4 years more than 90% of the internet will be online video." WOW.

Are we…

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Happy New Year!

Ah, it is time to return to school with hope in our hearts. I wish all of you well with classes of inquisitive, eager learners and collaborative staff partnerships.

Have you been reassessing your program over the summer or just prior to the beginning of the school year? Here are some resources to help in the thinking process:
  • AASL has a new tool to help you build evidence of your program's success. You can view the free…

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"Happy Trails to You"

One of the concerns that came up at the AASL Affiliate Assembly last month was assessment and the use of data. School Librarians wanted a tool that would tie student achievement to their programs; they wanted to learn how to collect & assess data in order to respond to student learning needs, i.e. needs assessments and intervention strategies; and they wanted training to do this well. One of the models that they mentioned as an example was… Continue

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Advocacy Day in D.C.

On our last day in D.C., Jackie Galante and I joined over a thousand librarians at the Capitol for Library Advocacy Day.

If you weren't able to go to Washington D.C., you can still participate. Use the talking points on the ALA advocacy day page when you contact your representatives. At the rally, we told them what…

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An AASL Celebration of Excellence

Today’s highlight?…


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Sunday at ALA10

It was another full day of activities.

Affiliate Assembly met from 8 - 12 p.m. The affiliate assembly is like the…


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Transforming School Libraries

My Saturday started with exhibits and ended with the Scholarship Bash at the Newseum.

The highlight of the day was the AASL President's Program with Allison Zmuda. Allison is just brilliant and amazing. What was really amazing is that she had a stroke on March 27th and is working her way back "to being Allison again." She received a standing ovation after her presentation.…


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Advocacy @ ALA

Anyone who thinks that they are so small or insignificant to be effective.........…


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Traditional Libraries, to save or not to save? That is the question.

I just read Doug Johnson's guest blog by Robin Cicchetti. Awesome. It is a must read.

CASL representatives will be heading out to Washington D.C. for the annual ALA conference this week. We will blog about what we learn. Stay tuned.

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Librarian Responses needed! How is your library weathering this economic climate?

Click here for the Google Document(less formatting issues)

Don't worry it is shared with everyone.
Questions or concerns drop me a line

Aaron Johnson

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Kudos to New Canaan ICT team, a 2010 AASL School Library Media Program of the Year Award Winner

Connecticut school librarians are so proud. New Canaan High School has won the 2010 AASL School Library Media Program of the Year Award along with a Perry Meridian Middle School in Indianapolis. What a wonderful role model for us all.

They join past CT SLMPY award winners: Simsbury HS (2008); Timothy Dwight Elem., Fairfield (1998); Beecher Road…

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The importance of identity: The interview

I recently joined CASL in the fall. I have enjoyed all of the organization's events, their brand new Ning, and all the other useful resources. However, now I'm being thrust into the tough job market, where I will have to compete against my peers and promote my abilities.

I am a firm believer in the importance of identity. I believe that we learn alot more from the things that we dislike or disagree with than those we find familiar. Therefore, I thought this librarian video from the…


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Doing Your Best Is the Best Way to Go

What to do during these difficult economic times? My only recommendation is to hang in there and do your best. You've heard the saying, "Think globally; act locally." Each one of us is a role model for the school library program.

Use your local, state and national standards to develop…

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New at American School for the Deaf

Check out the Library blog at

Feedback welcome!

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Why We Still Need Libraries and Librarians

This came from Jamie McKenzie's March newsletter, From Now On:
Why We Still Need Libraries and Librarians

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Sara Kelly Johns in Second Life

I just received this notice. It should be worth looking into with the ALA elections coming up.

Dear SIGMS Members:…

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Webinar URL Correction

Note the correct URL for the Joyce Valenza, Doug Johnson, David Loertscher Webinar:

Dear SIGMS Members:
Apologies! The correct URL for information on the SIGMS webinar is…

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Upcoming Webinar: Constructing New Learning Landscapes

I just got this notice and wanted to pass it on. It sounds pretty interesting.

Dear SIGMS Members:
As a thanks for our members, SIGMS is announcing a very special premium webinar with leading thinkers in the field of educational technology and 21st century media. This is a "don't miss" opportunity! Spread…

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Re-Thinking the LMP

Recently, four things have influenced my thinking about library media programs. Two were books, Drive and This Book Is Overdue. The third was a March 1st free webinar on your school library's web presence. The fourth was a March 7th article… Continue

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