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New Teacher Evaluations in Connecticut

A major concern throughout the country are the new frameworks that are being used for teacher evaluations in public schools.  In Connecticut, a group of educators(minus any classroom teachers) created a draft for Connecticut districts to either accept or edit to fit their specific group of teachers.  State library media organizations have been working on developing a framework specifically for library media specialists, since our job includes responsibilities that are different from the…


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'You're not really a librarian"

I invite you to read this blog by our president-elect, Sara Kelley-Mudie.

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Back to School

Hurricane Irene delayed school for most people in Connecticut.  That gave us some extra time to reassess and tweak our plans for the beginning of a new year.  What are your priorities this year?


Joyce Valenza is concentrating on how we can all better manage our information lives and the role of curation in research.  Read her blog on Web 3.0.  She is…


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Be a "Soul Learner"*

I just finished John Seely Brown's The Power of Pull and am re-energized.  The epilogue, "The Journey from Passion to Pull"  was fabulous and gelled all of his ideas for me.  So of course, I have to share.


Bottom line, we all have to share our passion for learning.  Isn't that why we chose education in the first place? If we are passionate about reading and learning, they will come.  We will "pull" them.


"Pull demands that we…


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Library 2.011 Worldwide Virtual Conference

This was from our colleagues at NESLA for those who may not have seen it yet.


We are pleased to announce the Library 2.011 worldwide virtual conference, November 2 - 3, 2011. The conference will be held online, in multiple time zones over the course of two days, and will be free to attend. […

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I finished Eli Pariser's book The Filter Bubble: What the Internet Is Hiding from You.  It gives much food-for-thought.  

Here are some of my notes from the book to give you an idea of the content:


" More and more, your computer monitor is a kind of one-way mirror, reflecting your own interests while algorithmic observers watch what you click." location 103


"While Gmail and Facebook may be helpful, free tools, they are also…


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Re: Seth Godin's blog on the Future of Libraries

The library world is abuzz after Seth Godin's blog today on The Future of the Library.


There were many responses from librarians as well as…


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Defining Our Future

Wow.  There are so many things going on and moving so quickly that it seems like a tsunami. This on top of the fact that everyone is approaching the end of the school year, the most hectic time of year, and needs time to refresh and regroup.  


There is no such thing as "relax" in the school library field!!!  School librarians can't let any grass grow under their feet.  That's true for any educator today.


Good program assessment and strategic planning is never…


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Fire It Up!

Is your library transforming lives?  In today's AASL webinar "How to Create Strategic Stories to Gain Support for Your Library" with Nancy Dowd, she talked about how to advocate with anecdotal evidence.  There are two more sessions.  Nancy is also the keynote speaker for NESLA'S 2011 Leadership Conference at SERESC in Bedford, NH on April…


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Strategic Planning

In AASL's Empowering Learners, the first guideline under building the learning environment is:

"The school library media program is built on a long-term strategic plan that reflects the mission, goals, and objectives of the school." 


Buffy's February 13th blog "What's Going On" gives us an idea of what she is thinking…


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2011 Horizon Report


The trends and technologies to watch in this year's Horizon Report are not a surprise for most of us.  The New Media Consortium identifies and describes emerging technologies likely to have a large impact over the coming five years.


The trends

  • The abundance of resources and relationships made easily accessible via the Internet is increasingly challenging us…

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Professional Reading

I was looking at Buffy Hamilton's Facebook page and saw a picture of the reading she planned to do tonight.  Naturally, I had to check it out.  She is such a great role model.


Vi Harada has become Buffy's newest fav.  I met Vi at the AASL Fall Forum on Assessment in RI several years ago.  If you haven't read her book on Assessing Learning c2005, it is a great book.  Buffy pointed me to an…


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Your PLP

What is your Powerful Learning Practice?


Hopefully, CASL, its listserv  and this social network are among your free learning resources to improve your practice. There are more.  For me, it's AASL, Twitter, Facebook, Learn Central and EdWeb.  Here is a schedule of free webinar topics that may interest you and that are also recorded if you miss the live participation: has these…

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Tech Talk

Keeping up with Emerging Technology is a constant challenge.  


Many tech leaders work at the secondary level and are RSS feeds to our Ning. Joyce Valenza is THE guru for school librarians as are Buffy Hamilton and Gwyneth Jones.  Michelle Luhtala is a wonderful CT resource who works at the New Canaan High School Media Center and gives free webinars in EdWeb's Emerging…


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Staying A.L.I.V.E.

I saw a piece about Clint Arthur’s self-help book The Last Year of Your Life on TV today, but what I really connected with was an acronym that he used and I began relating it to school libraries.…


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AASL is coming to Hartford!

It's official! The 2013 AASL National Conference is coming to Hartford, from Nov. 11-17. What great news for school library programs in our state! AASL Executive Director Julie Walker just made the announcement.

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CASL contingent arrives in San Diego

Three members of the CASL board are representing our state at Affiliate Assembly at ALA Midwinter here in beautiful San Diego. CASL president Jackie Galante, VP intern Sara Kelley-Mudrie and nyself made it to beautiful San Diego before the snowstorm hit CT on Friday, and have been attending meetings, visiting the hundreds of vendors in the Exhibits Hall, and networking with our peers from all over the country. We've also been sneaking in some sight-seeing when we get a chance, enjoying the…


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Sharing Godin’s Purple Cow


In preparation for the 2011 NESLA Leadership Conference on “Advocacy: Marketing Your School Library” Saturday, Feb. 5, I’ve read Purple Cow, New Edition: Transforming Your Business by Being Remarkable.  Here are some of my notes from the book. I've also included a…


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Sharing Thoughts on Godin

I have been inspired after recently reading some books by Seth Godin.


Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us is about leadership, a major role for school librarians, and belonging to a tribe, a group with “a shared interest and a way to communicate.”


Our Ning makes us a tribe.  It is a way for us to connect and grow, which aligns with AASL’s Standards for the 21st-Century Learner. …


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CASL 2010: Transliteracy in a Mobile World

The stars were out for the Connecticut Association of…


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