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Do you follow the AASL or SLJ blog?

I just read Joyce Valenza's blog on SLJ "Shifting the way we look at footprints." She talks about the impact of blogging and that it makes her presence transparent. She welcomes the opportunity "to reflect out loud, to join the discussion, to contribute....It had occurred to me a little while back that I was not only writing for the more obvious library/ed-tech audience, but that I might be modeling a behavior I wanted my learners… Continue

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Learning from Zappos

I just read an article that reinforced to me what we should keep in mind. Here are some lessons from them: emphasize quality interactions; deliver a positive experience; embrace transparency.

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Analyzing the New AASL Guidelines

I've been comparing Information Power to the new Empowering Learners. I think the major difference is an evolution of our state-of-mind, ---- in OUR dispositions. Although leadership has always been important in IP, the role of leader has now been added in EL to the four responsibilities described in IP. I have always thought of myself as a teacher first and foremost, but I have to admit that putting the leadership responsibility first fits because that will guide our actions. At… Continue

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Great idea

Irene - this is a great idea for two reasons - it gives me an opportunity to try my first ning, and it is a great way to promote discussion. Thanks.

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Thanks for the invite CASL!

Cool that this was sent to the CASL mail list and great that NINGs from other professional organizations are included. NING is a great social network. We have used it at our Summer Institute in Westport.

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Welcome SCSU students

Gayle Bogel, a professor at SCSU and CASL board member, has invited SCSU students to participate in our ning. How exciting! I can't wait to see what their take is on the new standards and guidelines.

I love seeing how the group is growing. That will definitely make the conversation interesting. I don't know about you, but I want to hear which professionals you are following to keep current and informed or web links that you find valuable.

My hope is that the CASLning… Continue

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Comment on the new AASL Guidelines

Well, I finished my first reading of them last night. I think they are good and reflect the evolution of thinking over the past ten years. Gail Dickinson started a discussion about them on aaslforum. She was just as anxious to talk about them as I was. The guidelines will be available at the next CASL workshop May 2nd. After more CT LMSs have read them, we can discuss their impact.

The new mission statement is as follows:

p8 "The mission of the school library media program is to… Continue

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New Guidelines have arrived

UPS just delivered Empowering Learners: Guidelines for School Library Media Programs for CASL's May 2nd workshop. I skimmed through it quickly and can't wait to read it more thoroughly. It is a slimmer volume than IN ACTION so it shouldn't take me too long.

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Tech That Will Affect Us

After reading the eSchool News article on the six technologies that will rock our world, I created a CTCASL ning account to explore this social network and think about its possibilities. Read the article to see about the other 5 technologies that will change the education community.

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