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We are trying something new at our school this year for summer reading.  We would like to create mini book discussions by asking each teacher to pick a book to read from the summer reading list and then students will connect with that teacher after having read the same book at the beginning of the school year.

We would also like to add an online discussion option over the summer.


Two Questions:

Has anyone else tried this mini book club approach and how did you get all teachers to buy into this idea?


If you have used an online book discussion format for summer reading which app or website worked best for you?



Kathleen Sasso

East Lyme High School

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Yes, I did the mini book discussions for the Summer Reading program for several years at my previous school, East Windsor Middle School.  Every single teacher in the building participated every single year--I was so proud of that program.  Please feel free to contact me and ask questions, but the key is getting buy-in from the administration and having great relationships through the building.  I told them, "if we expect each child to read a book this summer, we should be willing to do the same."  

Casey LaPlante

Granby Memorial High School



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