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We will post information about evaluation in this forum. Please post your questions and concerns so that we can clarify issues for you and advocate for our profession at the state level.

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from Mary Ellen Minichiello, our vice president and representative to the state:

You aren't going to find anything specific on library media evaluation in the SEED documents.  Neither will you find anything specific on the many other specialists, who don't fit the classroom teacher descriptors.  We all have different caseloads and environments in addition to different responsibilities.  There has been a subgroup committee working with PEAC as an advisory group.  I have been representing CASL on this committee; we are presently working on a white paper, as they call it in Hartford, that would be an added document to the state framework.  Our document will be aligned with the AASL job description of library media specialist and AASL Standards. We weren't given the opportunity to have it completed for the pilot, however. I will put on the CASL listserve any information that I receive from the State concerning the pilot evaluation.


CASL has been active in keeping up with what has been going on in teacher evaluation in the State.  There was a meeting in May for interested CASL members, when I explained what the PEAC and advisory groups had been doing during the year. I will continue to update CASL members.


After the conference, I will give an update on the CASL listserv and Ning.  If you need any questions answered specifically please post them on the Ning so that I can direct them to Dr. Barzee.


This is the SDE site for evaluation.  Our CASL vice president, Mary Ellen Minichiello, has been our representative on the state committee.  Take a look at the various evaluation criteria set up by several states on the CASL ning resources tab.
At the CECA/CASL conference, come hear Dr. Sarah Barzee, Ph.D, who is the Education Division Director for Leadership Development for the State Department of Education. She will be presenting on Monday, October 29th at the Convention Center in Hartford. Her session will begin at 7:30 AM. She will give an overview on the state evaluation tool and answer questions that you might have.

from Mary Ellen Minichiello:

CASL will be sponsoring a workshop with Dr. Barzee from the state board of education.  She was going to be speaking at the CASL/CECA conference and has kindly agreed to hold a workshop for interested pilot districts' librarians.  I will be scheduling with her a time and place in the very near future.  If you would respond back to me personally and let me know if you are interested in attending, I will be able to figure out a central location to meet.  Dr. Barzee has offered accomodations at CREC in Hartford. 


Presently, there is no separate framework tool for library media specialists in Connecticut; an advisory committee has been meeting to raise our concerns, as well as other specialists' concerns with the present framework tool that doesn't take into account our different environments, responsibilities, and caseloads.  I have been representing CASL at these meetings and will attend the workshop as well.  Please look at the CASL NING, which has examples of library media evaluation tools from other states. 

Just read about the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model in the ASCD SmartBrief on evaluation.

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Reminder about the meeting on the CT LMS Evaluation Process with Kim Wachtelhausen and Claudine Primack, who both work with Dr. Barzee at the state department of education.

Date and Time:  December 12th: 5-7 p.m.

Location: ACES in Hamden, Ct(Skiff St)


Please let me know, if you are planning on attending so that ACES can plan accomodations for the group. 

If you cannot attend, please email your questions or concerns to me.


Thank you,

Mary Ellen


Mary Ellen Minichiello
CASL Vice-president
Library Media Specialist
Calf Pen Meadow School

My principal just announced that each teacher will have to be observed 6 times starting next year ( 3-30 min and 3-10 min).  If true, not only a logistic problem time-wise for admin but at the high school library level with flex schedule, I fear that admin will not be available at times I am actually collaborating and teaching a class.  I have no set classes.  Wondering how that will be handled?  Hoping they can also "observe" us working on collection development or running the book fair or many of the other things we do.

PR what you are doing on your webpage, via Blogger, Facebook, Twitter...  Make it student centered.  Have students produce videos of what is happening and share their feedback and input with the public.  Check out some of the videos that Michelle Luhtala has posted.  Some of them are highlighted as favorites under our videos tab.  Show those videos and projects to parents during parent conferences, board of ed meetings and to the PTA.  Students will tell other students to look at what they did.  Word will spread.  Tell your administrator how wonderful it was to work with .... and what great things students did and learned; you stroke the teacher and showcase your involvement in learning and instruction + the administrator knows what is going on in the school community & has something to brag about.

On FB 12/14/12 from Judi Moreillon:

School librarians are invited to check out an introduction and matrix just published in School Library Monthly. SLM editor Deb Levitov and I hope it will support school librarians in their efforts to strengthen their coteaching. Yes, to supporting the classroom teachers' curricula, keeping our work aligned with library standards, and helping students achieve success in multiple literacies!

The December 26th Whole Child Newsletter had an article on evaluation of special area teachers that mentioned school librarians using the New York Evaluation Rubric.

February Hot Links:

How is your program evaluated?  Many of us are participating in new teacher evaluation systems through participation in the federal government’s Race to the Top. Knowing how to position your work as a school librarian so your administration understands what you are doing and evaluates you accordingly is important. This month, check out the links to performance evaluations in the AASL Essential Links for some guidelines and talking points as evaluations take place.

Here is a very well-written opinion piece by David Berliner in the Washington Post. "Why we are 'smart' about evaluating athletes and 'dumb' about assessing students, teachers and schools"



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