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The New York Times has a great article on the rise of E-Book sales in Children's and Young Adult Categories.


There is a lively eBook and eReader discussion on EdWeb's Exploring eBooks for K-12 community.

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Our district has Overdrive now. It's solved th problem of what kind of devices to buy because the books are downloadable to all devices. Students are downloading books on their own Kindles, Nooks, IPads, IPod touch, laptops.. It's worked out really well.

Posted on CASL_L today:

Thank you to all who responded to my survey regarding eBooks for Schools.

Here is the link to the results:

I hope I accurately presented the information you provided – let me know if any changes need to be made.

As you probably guessed, we are all just beginning to get acquainted with using eBooks in Schools and this was helpful to see how schools are beginning the process.

Thanks again!

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Ebook Penetration Reports from Digital Shift reported in School Library Journal.

School Library Journal, Digital Shift article on "The Truth About Tablets: Educators are getting iPads and ereaders ...

Book2Cloud is "dedicated to the creation of collaborative digital eBooks where readers interact with author's work."

In ASCD Educational Leadership:

Strong Readers All: E-Readers: Powering Up for Engagement

includes good arguments for the use of eBooks

ALA releases report on eBook business models.


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