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The New York Times has a great article on the rise of E-Book sales in Children's and Young Adult Categories.


There is a lively eBook and eReader discussion on EdWeb's Exploring eBooks for K-12 community.

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Be sure to attend the TL Cafe free webinar "Diving Into Digital Books: Adding eReaders to Your School Library" on May 2, 2011 hosted by Gwyneth Jones with guests Buffy Hamilton and Jennifer LaGarde.
Buffy Hamilton is a wonderful resource for eBooks and eReaders.  She has developed a chart comparing the Kindle, Nook, iPad and Reader as well as how to start a school eReader program.  Buffy has also blogged about how she manages the Kindles in her program.

The Connecticut Digital Library added a free eBooks page to its site at Here is the link

Read Buffy Hamilton's blog about her ebook program.
Yesterday's blog on Digital Book World was great: Digital Reading: Will "Social" Keep the Experience Value High?  It talks about how reading is enhanced and shared through social media.

NPR's "The Future of Libraries in the eBook Age"


Can eBooks Fit into the Print Book Paradigm: Publishers and eBook L...


Sara Houghton-Jan, the Librarian in Black, blogs frequently about eBooks.


Join a monthly "eBooks Lunch & Learn" online chat

Each month, Neal Goff will be hosting an “eBooks Lunch & Learn” online chat, so that educators and publishers can come together in an interactive "social webinar" session to dig deeper into the issues and questions that are coming up in the eBook field.

Join the next online chat on Friday, April 29, at 12 noon EDT.  The topic is eBooks in Schools and Libraries:  How, When, in What Formats–and at...
Go to:

Great site for eBook info.
Does anyone subscribe to Overdrive? I'm looking into it right now. I'd love to hear from someone who has it already. Thanks, Abbe Waldron
I just ordered my first ebooks from Follett and hope to have them set by Thursday so kids can start checking them out. I've ordered as many of our summer reading books as I could find eBooks for, as well as books that are part of the curriculum. It's all quite complicated!

Here is a CASL_L post about ebooks from Peg Inserra:

Several librarians asked me to post information that I got concerning use of e-books in school libraries so here is a summary of the very few responses I received.

  1. Several of you have your own Kindles and iPads for students to use as e-readers. These have problems with Wi-Fi access and setting up accounts for purchasing books to be loaded on them. Amazon is offering a Kindle Prime account for $79/year that gives you access to their e-book lending library (a quick look seemed to have mostly adult choices).
  2. One person responded that they were getting e-readers and a public library card so their patrons could download free e-books through the public library.
  3. Several of you have e-books from Gale, Follett and Mackin (which offers a portal for both educational e-books and databases) where students have simultaneous access for research. Of course – iCONN offers free e-books for research as well.
  4. Several of you mentioned that you are getting ready to try e-books using Destiny from Follett. With both Destiny and their Follett Shelf, you can allow only online reading, or open it up to being downloaded. The big issue with Follett is that it requires a student login and password for accessing the e-book. The Follett rep I spoke to said that Destiny version 10 due out December 19 will offer more options for using e-books with mobile devices, along with apps available for various e-readers.


From the responses I got, it looks as though many of us are at the same point – not sure where to go. Michelle Luhtala from New Canaan High School said “We only have non-fiction, except for Gutenberg. We are pushing the CES, ACES, and CLC for consortium arrangements for regions, if not the state. As Chris Harris says, "Don't buy eBooks for your school library!" Buy them for a bunch of libraries instead.” I think this makes a lot of sense – and will be more like the public libraries are doing for offering e-books to their patrons


Thanks to all who responded!


Peg Inserra

ERMS Library Media Specialist

East Ridge Middle School

Ridgefield, CT



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